White Man Whine — this time about the NAACP

Let’s take a look at the Texas Republican delegation to the House of Representatives shall we? The White Man Whiners on talk radio today had their panties in a wad over how they don’t have power anymore.

Louis Gohmert — White Guy

Ted Poe — White Guy

Samuel Johnson — White Guy

Ralph Hall — White Guy

Jeb Hensarling — White Guy

Joe Barton — White Guy

John Culberson — White Guy

Kevin Brady — White Guy

Michael McCaul — White Guy

Michael Conaway — White Guy

Kay Granger — wait — White Woman (*)

William Thornberry — White Guy

Ron Paul — White Guy

Randy Neugebauer — White Guy

Lamar Smith — White Guy

Pete Olsen — White Guy

Kenny Marchant — White Guy

Michael Burgess — White Guy

John Carter — White Guy

Pete Sessions — White Guy


Why can’t Texas Republicans elect a NON White Guy to the House of Representatives?  Have they even tried?  At least Oklahoma has.  What is wrong with Texas Republicans?  And with John Faulk they hope to increase that number by one.  Whoop-tee-doo.  Not gonna happen.

And the only other African-American woman in the Texas delegation is being opposed by a Glen Beck type.

But let’s all join together and cry about the fact that a black man is in charge of this country and he has a black Attorney General and all of the people in power are black.  Let’s cry all the way to the bank on that — because you know, if Chris Baker makes good money, Michael Berry makes more 😉


13 responses to “White Man Whine — this time about the NAACP

  1. You want to call people out for whining? That’s all you do – whine and complain constantly! LMAO

    • Sticking up for the boss I see. How much did Michael Berry pay for you to do a google search on his name, Christy the co-producer? You’re not very smart if you thought I couldn’t look up who you are. At least I offer my criticism commercial free and no one pays me for it. Unlike you. There’s a name for what you do. I just can’t seem to think of it at the moment . . . . . . .

  2. Yup, that’s me. It’s totally typical for you to jump to the conclusion that I get paid to express my opinion about your work. I genuinely dislike it. You bash Michael all the time, much worse than in this little blog post. I commented today because of the hilarity of you whining about others whining.

  3. I don’t get paid to point out hypocrisy. That I do for free.

    • Then get off your WORK computer to do it. Are you one of those people who thinks that because your employer provides you with a computer that it’s for your personal use? If not, then you are getting paid to use it. Simple as that.

  4. ha ha … excellent point, Michelle!

    • The stupid. It burns.

      She’s checking this blog post every other minute. She must not have very much to do. I mean srsly, how much work could it be to help Michael Berry talk about himself for four hours? I’d get so bored I would surely put a gun to my head. I pity her.

  5. ha ha! the meetings are probably like that old Monty Python skit (I think it was them) … where some pompous blowhard finally takes a breath and turns to the people around him and says: But enough about me … what do YOU think of me? …
    The best response to the whining about there being such a thing as “professional” Blacks is the one from Ralph Abernathy, who pointed out that most legislative bodies in this country are largely composed of “professional” Whites, as you’ve been pointing out re the Republicans.

  6. You give blacks way more credit that you should. I don’t think any white person thinks blacks run anything other than their own race baiting, racial dividing, organizations and faux leaders like sharpton and jackson. These people and groups create a bigger problem for blacks.

    Most whites, self thinking whites think jews run the country.

    But on to your premise that there are too many white leaders in TX. That might be so, I think the right people should be in those positions. I am dang sure there are people in those positions that do not deserve to be there no matter the color.
    You can’t have a majority black political body. Blacks can’t govern whites. Blacks are a small percentage of the population. Take a look at the detroit city counsel and let me know how that black government is doing. You tube it, it is almost like a tyler perry sitcom.

    • You’ve got some strange — at least to me — ideas about representation and race. Have you always had this difficult of a time understanding how voting and representation and race works? You are a very troubled person. I hope you get help and I’m glad you don’t live in my neighborhood. I’ve got quite enough “self thinking whites think jews run the country” without your contribution.

      BTW, I’m white and have been well represented by blacks and Latinos for all of my adult voting life. I’m fine with my representation from the top — President Obama — to my city council person — none of whom are white and never have been.

      You’ve got to move away from this racist thinking. Really, it’s not very attractive.

  7. I have to move away from it? Isn’t that the discussion you posted?
    BTW, BHO is just as white as he is black.

    And in typical “anti-racism” fashion, instead of engaging in an intelligent discussion you jump to insults.

    • Dude, you are commenting on an old post, you are a racist, and you are making demands. All of those mean you don’t merit an intelligent discussion. You are a waste of time. Go away until you can stop being a dull, slow racist, mmmkay?

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