Michael Berry Can’t Be a Racist!

Do you hear me?  It’s unpossible.

His wife isn’t white.  His son isn’t white.  Therefore he can’t be a racist.


Anyone who listens to his “show” knows that he has problems with a particular segment of our population.  It’s the people he grew up with.  It’s the people who call into his show.  They speak a certain way — which he mocks on air.   They are the ones he hates with a red hot heat and hopes will get shot in the back or the ass, preferably by a teenager.  That’s the people he hates.

He also hates “Professional Blacks.”  Who are those “people” you ask?  The usual people.  Even though their attraction is because of the media and Michael Berry feeds off of the same tit, he nevertheless sucks with a full mouth.

I expect Michael Berry to link to this post and give me more hits so I can make more money because he is so vain.

Oh wait.  He won’t link to me unless I focus on his blackheads on the video.

Perhaps he needs to consult with another white person, Jennifer What’s her name.   She’s on when Michael is on.  Selling something.  Maybe gold.  And how the dollar is falling so you can bet against your country.  Or something.


18 responses to “Michael Berry Can’t Be a Racist!

  1. I can’t stand listening to Michael Berry. He is such a jerk. He talks with a different tone when he talks to blacks. I think a person can be married to someone other than white and still be a racist. His obsession with Sheila Jackson Lee has gone too far. He loves to ridicule anyone that doesn’t agree with him. I can’t believe people really like him. People in Houston are known for liking sensationalism. Just look at what the Chron online and go down to the most-read stories. Sensationalism.

    • If you are not used to piles of bullshit, then I don’t recommend listening to him. He can load up more lies and exaggerations in a 2 minute rant than almost anyone else. He was a proven liar even before he started lying on the air, and he still is.

      Michael Berry has a particular problem with the stereotype of black people that he grew up around in Beaumont. He hates them and you can hear it in his voice, just as you said.

      Fortunately, I can’t see him staying in radio for long. He’s quit every other profession that he has tried and I don’t see this one being any different. He has already claimed that he supposedly wrote a book, and he has been giving little speeches for fees, so I think he will be on the wingnut welfare circuit (paid for by the Koch brother) sooner or later.

  2. How funny, you and Bob listen to every minute of his show which tells me your his biggest fan. For a not even 3rd rate show you do give him a lot of credit.

  3. I think the guy needs help… from my own point of view, i think the guy is clueless.. he has no solutions to issues, but he cries none stop on the radio… I am yet to actually hear him speak on positive issues

    • He’s got a really big chip on his shoulder. I mean when you are still whining about losing a scholarship when you were in high school in your 40’s — that’s mental.

      I don’t think he’s capable of putting out positive ideas. It’s far easier to sit back and criticize and wallow in self-pity.

  4. MR. Berry is auditioning to become the next Rush Limbaugh and he’s doing a remarkable job!!! The game is called “Demonazation” of Blacks and Hispanics , This is how you move up in the conservative ranks not to mention Fear, Ignorance, and Divisiveness as well . 4o Million per year is the goal !!!! So goodluck Mr. Berry AKA “THE CONFEDERATE PRINCE”

  5. MR. Berry is auditioning to become the next Rush Limbaugh and he’s doing a remarkable job!!! The game is called “Demonization” of Blacks and Hispanics , This is how you move up in the conservative ranks not to mention Fear, Ignorance, and Divisiveness as well . 4o Million per year is the goal !!!! So goodluck Mr. Berry AKA “THE CONFEDERATE PRINCE”

  6. Michael Berry is a jerk. I have listened to him for a long time but his rants and his so called self proclaimed importance with his Berry Brigrade. He will sick his supporters on a given person or organization but rarely gets the person or organization to relent. He can’t have his own kid so he instead of adopting in America goes off to Ethopia and adopts his namesake Michael T. the Jolie/Pitt black kid. He is a kept man from his Indian wife who is a lawyer like him.

    • I can’t listen to him anymore. His mocking of how people talk just grates on my nerves.

      He tried to sick his “brigade” on me here from his Facebook page and there was just a paltry few who showed up. I’m sure that those same few are the ones who call the places he tells them to and then they make asses of themselves.

      He is petty little man.

  7. Michael Berry is a racist pig. I bet this white racist hates seeing black men and white women together in a sexual union. He is always mocking this Shirley q Liquor character trying to be funny while being a racist pig at the same time.

    • What makes the Shirley Q thing worse is that it’s a female impersonator. A white male impersonating a black female. That’s worse than racist.

  8. Listen at Berry. His talk show is very inferior. His english is poor and his intellect really small. This hatemonger should be taken off the air. I am black married to a white women with blond hair and have several bi-racial kids. I bet Mr. Berry would love my interracial family. LOL

  9. haha you people seem to know a lot about someone that you “hate”. If you dislike him and people like him… turn off am radio.

  10. I think he is spot on with the majority of his rants. Generally it is the racist who cries racism…live on your own worth and quit playing that card every chance you get.

  11. MB is a closeted queen. Self loathing always brings out the most vitriol and hate. It’s sad. But sadly common. Especially in this state…and even more so in East Texas. When we have true equality, this type of hate will be far less prevalent.

    • Agreed. I also think that the younger population isn’t listening to this. Seriously, AM radio — something that I used to listen to all the time — just sucks now. I can’t handle the pandering to the old and feeble anymore. Am radio has moved into Luddite territory. Even I don’t listen to it anymore.

  12. It’s his commercials I can’t stand. It used to be Nolan Ryan, Mattress Mack, and Michael “HeyfolksthisisMichaelBerry” Berry as the unholy triad of non-stop loud-mouths, but Ryan and Mack jumped off the train…not Berry. He loves the sound of his voice (and the money it generates) promoting everything from carpet cleaner to gun shops, with that oh-so-formulaic twang that incessantly accentuates and exaggerates his pronunciation of the “I” vowel (“Call 281 6 naaan 0, 32 faaav 8”), as in “Git it raaat here, folks!” I seriously doubt he talks that way when he gets home. It’s all a not-so-brilliant disguise designed to capitalize on his perceived audience: a bunch of know-nothing, beer-bellied rednecks from Beaumont. It’s especially repugnant that he dominates three radio stations in Houston. I listen to talk radio instead of the television because radio is real, unlike Berry’s pre-fabricated accent, but when his commercials come on fifty times a day, I slam my fist down on the top of the radio with such ferocity that I need to buy a new one each month. If I leave Houston, it will be for the sole purpose of escaping his repetitive, inane, inarticulate, bullshit-reeking voice.

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