John Faulk Community Organizer

This will go over well:

He served as a Community Organizer

From the same source:

John is now a semi-retired accountant

In other words, he needs a job.

He claims, “For the last 14 years the 18th Congressional District has been without representation.”

I might have agreed with him a few years ago when SJL went along with the bankruptcy bill, but this guy seems hell bent on milking his Heights roots but little else.  The other thing that bothers me about him is his connection to the Boy Scouts.  Rick Perry wrote a book about the Boy Scouts — at least here in Texes, they seem to be a haven for old conservatives with no new ideas — you know the one who want to go back to the 1950’s, when far more people of all ethnicities were dirt poor.

Oh, I forgot to add — this is my new highlight on the whiny white guys.  Here’s John Faulk:

The GOP — another white guy.


2 responses to “John Faulk Community Organizer

  1. Thanks for the link! Sheila’s got my vote! The most disturbing thing I found was that after his paragraphs about how the government needs to keep its nose out of parent-child relationships he says this, in speaking about immigration: “If illegal aliens bring or keep minor children in the United States when the adults are subject to deportation then these adult illegal aliens should also be charged with child endangerment and the children should be placed in the custody of Child Protective Services. ” Way to go, Mr. Family Values! Oh, wait, those are only for real Murkns! Well, come election time I sincerely hope to be able to move John from semi-retirement to the full deal!

  2. Now there is a problem with Obama and the BOY SCOUTS.

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