Pushing On

I worked in the front yard today — sorry no pics.   The sunflowers are drooping down, but they are not quite ready to cut off and hang in the storage room.  The POM that Murphy tried to kill is progressing, though I had to do the kill fire ants thing with the citrus oil twice this morning.  In the past, I had stopped working when I ran into fire ants.  They no longer scare me.  That’s what I mean by pushing on.

I’m thinking it is big enough now to take down the protective barrier.  It’s been exposed for most of the day and Murph has not tried to dig it up.

I broke out the eco-friendly indoor pest spray on the stinkbugs.  Maybe it worked.  All of the beneficials are on the moonplants.  I don’t know why.  I sprayed and stomped the evil stink bug youngsters today and yesterday.

And one big gardening thing is here.


2 responses to “Pushing On

  1. what? either stinkbugs or corpse flower salad is what’s for lunch?! ha ha …

  2. I forgot about the lunch part! We’ve got that delicious Greek yogurt that Dora and I like so much, some of it is turning into cheese now. We’ve got olives, two or three little tomatoes, some pasta and tomato soup, bread, banana peppers and there’s one Nestea left.

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