I Still Care

While readers of this blog don’t care enough to comment, I still care enough to make it possible.

Think about that.


3 responses to “I Still Care

  1. ola … mid-morning tomorrow? …

    • por supresto 🙂

      Suit up Farmer Bob! This is what I have on the agenda:

      Putting up some plastic to protect the neighbor’s plants and then blasting the resurgent crepe myrtle. (too wet to burn)

      Finishing up in the front yard — Muph’s pool and sweeping up and bagging weeds.

      Hunting for cucumbers!

      Going to Home Depot for topsoil, additive and MULCH!

      Mulching the zucchini and lemon tree. Building the last bed for summer and planting some more okra and squash.

      That’s what your options are! Some of it I will get done before you get here. See my new post for details about lunch 🙂

  2. okee-dokee … i will check out the latest post NOW

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