Dora, Caroline, Cisco, Harry and Rain

A pictures post!  I think I saved all of these so that when you click on them, they will be original size (not ginormous, but bigger).


She sometimes sleeps with her eyes open.

Cisco planning the garden.

Caroline, o Caroline.

Fatty is a cute fatty.

I’m going to watch Smokin’ Aces.  I’ll put the other pics up later or tomorrow.

More pictured added below the fold.

Lots of puddles in the backyard Friday evening.

The zucchini are doing well — didn’t get too beaten down by the rain.

my camera lens started fogging up — the next few pics are fuzz.  Big Guy is still hanging in there.  I had to run off UnPopular cat from the garage.  Sometimes Big Guy doesn’t even know that UnPop is there until he’s right up in his grill.

The moon plants have wandered into the Wandering Jew plants . . .

The rain was too much for one of the smaller sunflowers on the side of the house.  The big ones in front were really leaning, but none fell.

Big Guy with cucumber vines coming out of his butt.

I planted these “leftover” cucumber plants in some very terrible soil between the driveway and the fence.  I didn’t fertilize them and only watered them when I thought about it.  I’ve gotten three good sized cukes from them so far.

From the same bed.

Crazy moon plants.

Something has eaten almost all of my peppers on the deck.  The ones out in the yard are ok.

The summer squash seedlings survived, too.

This basil plant has gone crazy.  I made pesto with leaves from it only once — except for pickling, I haven’t made any hot food for a while.

O’ Tomatoes!  I started them from seeds and the three in this bed have grown rather large, only to be set upon by evil hordes of stinkbugs.  We hates them.  I’ve decided to cut all of the current fruit off and see if the newer blooms will make and try to protect them better.

From the same bed.

One of the surviving summer squash plants has managed to neuter itself.  Otherwise, it seems happy — or maybe it is happy because of that.

I couldn’t get the right setting to get a good pick of handsome Harry in the garage.  Both Harry and Junebug were wet rats Friday evening.

My pride and joy.  Had you told me I’d be pickling this summer, I would have told you no way.  But here we are.  I may have enough okra tomorrow to pickle in a jar with a few cucumbers to press out the air bubbles.  Mmmmm pickled okra.  /Homer drool

Right behind this sneaky little cucumber, I found a previously hidden ginormous one.

Tiny stinking stink thugs on my maters.  We hates them.  We really really hates them.

Okra, cucumbers and puddle.

While these are peppers, I’m not sure exactly what kind.  I got a mixed pack of seeds and only three have survived.  It will be a surprise!

This is the newest bed.  I planted more green beans and okra in the middle.  I bought this crazy big mulch, but I think it will be ok.

Sweet Harry, out and about.

Batting his tail.

Friday’s harvest after a bath.



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  1. I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves

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