World Cup Saturday

I am torn.  I want the U.S. to do well, but an entire continent’s hope rests on the shoulders of Ghana.

3 responses to “World Cup Saturday

  1. I was happy for Ghana. The US has had a very good run this World Cup, especially compared to some of the more traditional powerhouses that just crumpled at the beginning or have only done so-so …

    • Me. too. For a country that claims “world” this and “super” that, they made a good show. I couldn’t believe it when they gave up a goal within the 6 minute mark though.

      I know it won’t happen, but I’d like an African country to win — Ghana is the only hope.

  2. Yes, that would be very satisfying and would be a full-circle from beginning to end (especially after all the crap that South Africa had to take from the crypto-fascist Euro-aristocrats who run FIFA)

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