FIFA World Cup and other stuff

I don’t know that I am hooked on football, but I am hooked on the World Cup.  Call me partial to South Africa.  I want this to be successful for them.  The point at which I got hooked was the opening on ABC last Saturday.   I’ve watched several games and have gotten used to this level of play.  Perhaps some of my students’ enthusiasm has finally rubbed off on me.

The run of the sunflowers has been short.  They are already bowing down to the weight of their big full heads.  The little bees still frequent them and I’ve seen more beneficials, which was the whole point.

While my squash have stalled (after giving me one more), the cucumbers have been troopers.  The tomatoes have give a modest return, but the upside-down experiment is busted.

I used some old hose to make a watering system for the new beans and okra bed.  It seemed to work well even thought I think I lost two seedlings.

It’s early, but I think I will hit the hay early as well.  It will be cooler to work around six in the morning.

We need some rain.


3 responses to “FIFA World Cup and other stuff

  1. Tonight’s NewsHour had 2 stories on the World Cup … one, with the English ESPN reporter, was pretty funny & the other was more whining about the vavazuelas … bet you anything they (the horns) begin showing up at other events!!

  2. Damned at Random

    My favorite thing about soccer is that the goalies wear Micke Mouse gloves.

  3. Ha!

    My favorite thing about soccer is how much I have learned this time around from my students.

    I know I am supposed to support USA, but my students have this loyalty to players, and so teams.

    I don’t know who I like more. One of my students tried to put me on the spot today. (I’m leaning toward Ghana and Chile — call me a partisan — I don’t care 🙂

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