More Poop from Michael Berry

I only caught a bit of Berry’s ass-showing, but it was enough.  As always, he only gets enough right to make all the rest of the ignorance and lies possible.  Illustration one is his calling futbol KICKBALL.  He either doesn’t know what kickball is or is being disingenuous.  It’s the latter, probably.

He actually had a caller point out to his face how he lost his truck and called police and claimed that he had been mugged.  It clearly touched a nerve.  Michael mocked the way the man spoke — which the caller Ray pointed out.    The Houston Chronicle article about the incident is now behind a pay wall, but I read it at the time and have access to it.  I’m not sure Berry hit a car — maybe a parked one? — but I am sure that as a city councilman, he didn’t want to get a DWI, and so he faked the whole thing.  Surely the lack of anyone being arrested or Berry filing any charges is evidence of that.  Berry is a liar and he didn’t take well to being called on his bullshit.

Ray the caller also served our country in the military — Michael Berry was too fat, or so he claims.  You can see how he is a former fat baby by looking at him.


Could Michael even bring himself to recognize the man’s service?  No.

I don’t know who told Michael that he does a good impersonation of a Black Man, but that person should be forced to listen to Berry doing his Black Man rant for about 3 minutes — it would probably lead to a debilitating event with a nail gun.  Just listen to this — about a third of the way through (sorry no time marks on this low budget station’s podcast.  Berry is disgusting.  After mocking the way Ray speaks, Michael Berry then says Ray does a  “shuck and jive” and claims that Ray doesn’t know anything about him.  Sorry Michael, but you ass is in the papers (you bragged about it earlier.)  We know what you are up to.  You are trying, one little step at a time to discredit a group of people — just like you have done with Hispanics and Muslims. (It was difficult to listen to the first time — even more so the second time.)

But don’t call Michael Berry a racist!  Never!  He ain’t no racist!  No, he is an asshole.  And he shows his ass every day.

Michael asks if that accusation is the best he can say.  While Ray made a good fight, I have more.  I wrote to one of Michael’s supporters last week asking him to ask Michael Berry about the apartment building that he bought and rented out to undocumented workers and drug users.  Berry then sold the property to an unwitting buyer.  Berry is as dishonest as the day is long.

Hear Michael Berry’s cry:  YOU DON”T KNOW ME!!!!!!!

Hell, Michael, we know you.   You lay everything out.  And there are those of us who have access to what has been in print about you — hell we lived it.  (Remember how he was on the local news crying about anti-war people protesting on overpasses — while he was a city councilman.  First Amendment anyone?)

Good god, I listened to a bit more and now Michael Berry is trying to say Ray was mistaking him for another city councilman via a commenter on his facebook page.   The ass covering is thick.  Berry lost his SUV /truck whatever.  He claimed he got mugged.  He wasn’t mugged.  Michael Berry was drunk and lost his truck.  He called HPD and only when he was sober did he show up and then made up a story.

Yeah, Michael, we know you.


2 responses to “More Poop from Michael Berry

  1. I was expecting another visit from the wee berry-swarm!! … but then again, if I were MB I wouldn’t draw attention to things which he’d clearly rather bury & forget, and the swarmlet don’t seem able to find their way without directions & orders …

  2. They are all rallying around the latest conspiracy theory, I’m sure.

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