Sunflowers, Kittens and Pickles


The first one bloomed!

The one on the left will bust out tomorrow I bet!

There were the tiniest bees buzzing around.

Crazy sunflowers are crazy.

You can just see the top of the fence along the bottom.  They must be over 9 feet tall now.

My boy!  If you try really hard you can see Tammy butt on the right behind the bushes.

Big guy.

He’s so skinny now and seems disoriented most of the time.

He tries to bathe at times, but I’m thinking all of the years of fighting have taken their toll.  I just wish he would hang out in the backyard and stay out of the way of other toms.

Handsome Harry.  I think he got another bird today.  I’m not so worried because it’s morning doves that come around and eat the kitties’ food and shit all over the place.

The result of my work yesterday evening.  I’ve never made pickles on my own before.  I remember helping when I was younger.  These are little 8 ounce jars of dill.  I did six in the traditional way — they will take about 6 weeks to be ready.  Four others are in the fridge and will be ready in a couple of weeks.

For this, I had rooted around the cucumber bed for enough for the recipe — about 4 pounds.  I even picked a couple of smaller cukes.

Then this evening, I found this little guy:

I have plenty of cream cheese, but I may need more bread.

It’s a cucumber sandwich summer!!!!!!


2 responses to “Sunflowers, Kittens and Pickles

  1. Beautiful pictures (sunflowers! pups! big guy! harry! pickles!)

  2. My students enjoyed that cucumber today in class.

    Scoping out the cucumbers this evening, I need to get more canning jars and figure out how to make some sweet relish and maybe chow chow.

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