“the Turkish-Syrian-Iranian axis”

The hell?  Per Liz Crazy, oh, I mean Cheney.

I know that Turkey is struggling with their secular/religious issues, but last I checked they were on our side and are NATO members.  And that goes back further than the existence of Israel.

Turkey has been restrained in its criticism.  Israel has been bellicose in its own defense.

Perhaps we can get the peace processes going.

I won’t buy anything from Israel and I applaud the efforts that Palestinians are making to enforce a ban.  It was the most effective way for the South Africans.

And that the Israelis propped up the apartheid regime in South Africa to the end because of diamonds just plays to type at this point.


2 responses to ““the Turkish-Syrian-Iranian axis”

  1. And don’t forget that the Israelis were happily sharing their nuke knowledge with the South African regime until apartheid ended at which point they couldn’t bring themselves to deal with black South Africans in positions of power … and the Turks were extremely important and courageous allies during the Korean War which no one ever seems to bring up … Liz Cheney is a reactionary in a biological sense: whatever stand or view is taken by President Obama’s administration prefigures what her own view will be, there is no independent thought process involved, it’s like poking an amoeba …

    • Ah, yes, and don’t forget this from Max Blumenthal.

      I have heard a couple of meek voices try to remind people of the Turks’ help in the Korean war. You know that I know that there is a tug in Turks about military service and there is also a tug about religious expression (mostly from the country folk), but Turkey is our long time ally and we should act that way.

      As far as Liz Cheney is concerned, her appearances are getting less traction. I don’t think she’ll last much longer. That use by date has passed.

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