I’ll probably expand on this tomorrow, but I have a problem with the way we as beings on this planet approach food.

We had our party today at school.  Games and Bingo and then hit the food, per usual.

I’m always amazed at the attitude that the food will run out.  Some rush to the food.  Some rush to the food and get two plates.  Some cut in line to get seconds before their fellow students get their firsts.  And there is always the victimhood of the servers — in this case the office staff.  They always whine about having to “serve” the people who pay their salaries.

Typically, we have junk food for parties, but for some reason, today we had real food.  I don’t know why.  I noticed there was less food left on the tables this time, despite the fact that everyone loaded up their plates and many came back for seconds and thirds.

In years past, I often took some leftovers to the Star of Hope Mission, but after years of being made to feel that I was starving our plump staff, I stopped volunteering.  It can all rot in the refrigerator for all I care at this point (as it does after every party).

I can’t figure people and food.


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