Dumb Mom

Tonight I tried something different with the pups’ Interceptor and Comfortis.  Neither Tammy nor Murph liked the peanut butter I floated to them, but I then just handed Murphy both tabs and he just ate them.  No peanut butter, no vienna sausages.  He just ate them.  I rewarded him with several viennas.  Tammy generally just likes kibbles.  I separated her and Murph, and then fed her the Interceptor in the usual way, but ground the Comfortis with the motor and pestle, and then mixed it in vienna sausage water and chopped up viennas.  It took her a while, but she ate it all.

With Dora, I just put both tabs in a ball of peanut butter and she ate it quickly.  She then went on a peanut butter binge, as I filled the Kong with it for her twice.  She’s now playing fat dead dog on the living room floor.


2 responses to “Dumb Mom

  1. Murphy!

  2. How is it that Murph is the bestest boy and Dora is the bestest girl and Tammy is a pain?

    That’s rather hash toward Tam — it only happens once a month. That’s not regular in Tam-world. And Tam loves regular.

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