Perhaps this is a language problem

Reuters:  Israel Navy commandos:  Gaza flotilla activists tried to lynch us

I read the entire article and have read other articles and blogs and nothing, nothing that happened on that boat approached lynching.

A less charitable view is that the IDF chose the most offensive and pejorative words to describe the actions of the people on the ship.  The Israeli government is known for blaming their victims and never ever admitting fault.

Turkey can use its membership in NATO to try to address this and I hope they do.  I hope President Obama chooses to use this in a positive way to get the two-state talks back on track.  Israel should be punished, just like other states are punished we they act recklessly.  Either that, or we can just go ahead and put them in the same category as Burma and North Korea.

Perhaps we can resolve this once and for all.   Perhaps, now that Israel has deployed nuclear subs in the Persian Gulf, we can force them to allow inspections.  Israel doesn’t deserve special treatment.

Some sanity from Israel is here.


2 responses to “Perhaps this is a language problem

  1. It should be especially embarrassing for Israel that many of the founders of the flotillas for Gaza are Jewish, and that Turkey has been a good ally of Israel since their earliest days. But then again, maybe not. More than likely Achmadinajahd (close enough?) will come out with something especially inflammatory and provide the red herring needed so the US can continue to avoid any confrontation with the Israelis. Their ambassador’s reading of “international waters” is a new one to me.

    • Honestly, I don’t think Iran’s GWB will have much effect on this, especially since Israel sent nuclear subs into the Persian Gulf.

      This is the test of Obama that Biden was talking about. We’ve got the three best people in the most important positions — and Susan Rice is also the right person for her job. This one event could turn things around.

      Turkey is a long time ally and Israel doesn’t know who she is fucking with. The NATO thing could turn out badly, but I doubt that any NATO allies are willing to let the cooperation in Afghanistan fall apart over Israel being STUPID. Or at least I hope not. We must side with the Turks. This is yet another land mine that GWB left for Obama. Forcing the elections which resulted in Hamas winning was stupid. And Gwen Ifill repeated the lie that Hamas “seized” power in Gaza. Dumbass.

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