More Garden

I waited too late to photograph the okra blooms.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Here are some more pics:

Moon flowers remind me of my dad.  He hated his time in the military and would probably be troubled by my mom’s military gungho of late.

Pretty flower, though.

Two of these bloomed later.

One of two surviving squash plants

There are plenty of blooms on the cucumbers.  They are pretty little flowers.  Yesterday I watched a butterfly suck nectar from several of them and, fertilize them all of course.

Crazy cucumbers

Hello lunch for Wednesday!

Hello dinner!

Squishing stink bugs wherever I go.  TOMATOES.

The other surviving squash.  I will plant two more, I think.

Will they turn red?

I can’t remember who is who, but I think all of the tomatoes are Roma.  None of the cherry type survived.


The dead pile of non-dying, freeze proof, ugly, non-flowering ugly plants.

The rich bed

Lunches for the summer!  I missed photographing the okra blooms today.

My bad.

3 responses to “More Garden

  1. Damned at Random

    Beautiful. Are they hard to grow?

    By the way, your buddy Michael Berry was featured on Crooks and Liars Monday

    • Not really. I started out with something like eighteen seeds and not all of them sprouted. The seedlings looked pretty wimpy at first, but then started growing crazy.

      When I was much younger, I would get seeds from my dad and then once the moon plants started blooming, sit out on the front porch watching them open.

  2. Great gallery of garden photos … I especially like the baby elephant ears & the caption for the ugly plants … ha ha ha

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