Hoping for Rain

The sky was red this evening, as it was on Friday when we got a few welcome drops from the sky.

The moon plants have had a bloom each night since Friday.  More blooms are just about ready, so feeding the beneficial night feeders should kick into gear.

The stink bugs have arrived in force.  I squashed four of them on the resurgent beans today.

I cleaned out a whole lot of vegetative nonflowering filler plant on the west side of the backyard.  It survived the freeze (surprise! since it is ugly) and has been choking out the more pleasing elephant ears.

(Thunder is booming and Dora is underfoot.  Tam and Murph are fine with this, having not caught the “be afraid” bug that Dora did — because she is older and interacted with Buddy, my old dog most afraid of storms — with good reason I might add.)

Harry was very interested in everything elephant ear today and took a nap amongst them.  June worked hard at finding cool spots to sleep most of the day.  Every time I picked her up, she was more than happy to just stay in my arms.

I cleared enough space for another bed.  It’s under the pecan tree, so I might use it to start seedlings, though I do want to give the okra a bed of their own.  The cucumbers have tried their best to strangle the three okra in their bed, but today I saw the first hints of blooms to come.   And since my summer squash is struggling, I want to put maybe two more in.

There’s always something to do.

One response to “Hoping for Rain

  1. “There’s always something to do” — and when the stuff to do is good (like the garden!) that’s the best thing in the world!
    It rained up a storm here last night with lightning etc. Hope you all got your fair share.

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