This and That

I may have killed my jigsaw by cutting up very old boards for heavy trash.  I may try it tomorrow to confirm it.  I may write of the death of a very good friend, or not, depending on the outcome.

Speaking of heavy trash, I got a lot of it out into the ditch last night.  Roberto helped me with the rest this afternoon.  The yard is already cleaner.

Today was mostly a family day.  My niece had her first communion.  We got her a First Communion Bible and as she is just learning to read, she did pretty well at reading the inscription.  She always recognizes R’s name.  He was the giver of the infamous rabbit, after all.  And I have told her that he is a writer, and so she had to read what she had written in her fill in yourself Diary of a Wimpy Kid book that we got her for Christmas.

I won’t go into the details, but just when did First Communion turn into a day to give the kids money?  That’s what it devolved into today.

I know the answer, though I would like to hear how this day goes differently.

For R, this is a long path that has one more destination.  I thank him for dealing and for being such a good sport.  That he is the only ally I have is made clear on days like these.  Thank you.  When the littlest one has her day, we will rejoice.  She is my goddaughter.  I wish I would have been asked for the middle one, but perhaps her mom knew (being a middle child herself) that I would always rally to her defense.

For my goddaughter, I would do anything.  I love her and she knows it.

Back home, we finished the heavy trash and I searched for a way to avoid buying Chinese wrt my pond.  It may be more difficult than I thought, but I will keep looking.

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