Here’s What Michael Berry Should Do:

Michael Berry has gotten himself into some hot water.  It seems he let a caller get the best of him, and then went off and “expressed” the hope that the mosque to be built in Manhattan would be blown up.  CAIR filed a complaint with the FCC.

Well, I know what Berry and Clear Channel should do.  They have recently juggled the lineups at both KTRH and KPRC all to get Berry on the air more because his time was getting taken up by Astros games and pregame and post-game shows.   They took Dave Ramsey off of KPRC completely, moved Retarded Chris Baker to 1 to 3 and put Berry in the 3-5 slot.  (Earlier in the baseball season, Berry was on KPRC at 5 — preempting the odious Michael Savage, but you know the haters complained — Michael Berry is NOT bigger than Michael Savage — and thus the most recent shake up in the schedule.)

All the stations need to do is go back to the line-up both stations had at the beginning of the baseball season.  Let Berry get preempted by baseball almost all of the time.  The short “hour”  (it’s not that much time, given all of the commercials) Berry would be allowed would restrict the possibility of his losing it again.  And then both Michael Savage AND Dave Ramsey fans will be happy.  And the stations will be out of hot water.

Let’s face it, Chris Baker has been sent into timeout recently because of his hateful remarks about the Pope, and it was only a matter of time before Berry really stepped in it.  (I wonder if Clear Channel has some sort of insurance for this type of situation — it would make sense.)

The schedule changes were a mistake.

UPDATE!!!!!  Michael Berry wrote an essay!

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