Garden News

Put in another bed with Roberto’s help.  The hot peppers and a few onions now have a home.

The squash vines are recovering — slowly.  I bought some kelp liquid fertilizer today and gave them and the tomatoes a big drink.

The first cucumber was tasty and there are others lurking under the broad leaves of their mother plants.  The step child cucumber plants are making the best of it.  At least I have remembered to water them.  We’ll see what they do.

I expect to have blooms from the six foot plus tall sunflowers that I planted along the sidewalk.  Perhaps they will be ready to bloom in a week or so.  I really need to take pictures of them.

With the new bed, I am inspired to move on and get the last little bit of the yard tamed.  I stopped by Lowes tonight, but worked until after 8:00 in the yard.  It feels good.

Maybe the moon plants will bloom this week.  It could happen.


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