Trying to Put a Positive Face on This

I got the front yard three quarters of the way done.  The sunflowers on average are as tall as I am.  I made a little progress in the back yard.

But I am kind of stupid.  I found squash vine borer larva in all four of my squash.  They killed one completely.  For some reason, the one almost smothered by the tomato plants, while having borers, too, seems to have taken their extraction in stride.  I think I will lose one more plant, but as of this evening, the other may make it.

I picked my first cucumber ! 🙂


2 responses to “Trying to Put a Positive Face on This

  1. Damned at Random

    My bug theory is- if you kill ALL the bugs, you have a VERY unhealthy environment.

    SO, your borers mean you have an real organic garden. Spray on some diswashing liquid and enjoy your cucumber

    • The problem is that I knew they would be a problem. I’ll do better with the zucchini I planted last week.

      I enjoyed that cucumber, thank you very much! I hope to have a couple more to take to my niece’s first communion luncheon this weekend.

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