I’ve told myself all day to make a plan for the weekend, why not do it here?

I need to slow water the beds in the backyard and start the laundry.

I need to spray Roundup on the crepe mytle that is growing out of the supposedly dead stumps in the front yard.

I need to mow the front yard and start weeding out the bad grass.  I also want to seed more ground cover — which will require daily watering (must commit to that if I do it).

I need to clean up the dog poop.   I won’t dig out a post from the old front deck yet since I bought another 50 degradable poop bags.  Procrastination?  maybe.

I bought some flower carpet to put along the ditch, but I have to weed the space first.  I may get to that.  (It also needs to be watered twice a day for who knows how long.)

I need to clear space for new beds and get back to seedlings: peppers, more beans, and more beans.  and squash.

I think I will put all of the herbs in pots.

Oh, and more leafy greens.

And then there is putting in the rest of the gutters and fixing what is already there and painting the fence.

I finally found out why my squash has been dying — lack of pollination.  I’m just going to let them fight it out in a Darwinian way.  Prettier flowers PLEASE!

Other things I am thinking about:

  • why wingnuts were so worried about Nashville until Arizona happened
  • why bad behavior is inconsistent i.e. why that guy who yelled “You lie” at Obama couldn’t find his voice when the Mexican prez supposedly pissed off so many of his friends
  • why Michael Berry thinks it’s ok not to read legislation while he was a city councilperson but demands the reverse when he is a talk radio STAR.
  • why Chris Baker thinks he will win in the Presidential contest in 2012 against Sean Hannity.
  • republicans not only peaked too soon, they misread the entire electorate.
  • shouldn’t the old school effort to rewrite history in textbooks be a non-issue? Can’t publishers tailor their textbooks with little profit loss or are they in on it as well?
  • Yes, we can.
  • Oh wait, I forgot to mention that some (?) want the government to take over the oil spill.  The free market would just have the oil flow, I guess.  Critics of the administration have no response of what should have been or what should be done.  No surprise.

Lastly, one of my students made some chicken jerky for my pups.  They love it.  How did I get so lucky?  Pictures soon.


2 responses to “I’ve told myself all day to make a plan for the weekend, why not do it here?

  1. Good plan (but don’t be toooo ambitious … last thing you need is heat-stroke! … and I’ll help with the new bed & the gutters …)
    Rand Paul: what a twit! … and it’s amazing to see the utter bewilderment of his, er, johnny-come-lately supporters … it’s like one of those old cartoons where they’re caught mid-jump onto his bandwagon and now they’re back-peddling in the middle of the air …. ha ha ha …
    I’m more than happy for RPaul to be the face & voice of the Teabaggers (i.e. ugly, ignorant, vicious, smug, and selfish)

    • Sad day, at the end. I lost one squash plant completely, another is on life support, the third is looking promising and the fourth, the one with a real squash finally, is looking like a survivor.

      Squash vine borers are ugly.

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