The Garden and the house

Today I got two dedicated plugs for my stove and freezer and the outside electrical is safe.  It’s all thanks to Universal Electric and their guy Robert.  It cost me a pretty penny, but the security it gives the house and garage/soon to be patio is worth it.

A surprise in the garden and new plantings:



4 responses to “The Garden and the house

  1. Epic win on the peas & the green beans!! they were much appreciated and muy rico!! … and good enough to be eaten without butter and not so much as the tiniest wee-est pinch of salt!!
    I know I sound like some hokey public service message but: eating healthy can be fun!!

    • After I get the peppers is, I will start again on the beans.

      I’m glad you enjoyed them!

      I’ve got to get with the rhythm of having something ready to pick all the time.

  2. So everything went smooth with the electricity upgrade? That’s a relief and it’ll make the backyard more liveable in the summer for sure.

    • I feel safer already. I know exactly what is on what circuit, and all of the wiring from the breaker box is covered and secured. I love my electrician. As I told him yesterday, unfortunately, his work is so good that, other than installing the outside ceiling fan, I won’t need him for a very long time. But at the same time, I paid for that security, so I’m fine with it. He’s a cool guy though. I may try to plan his installing the fan with the ripening of something from the garden, so I can give him something personally — to express my gratitude. Perhaps the cucumbers will offer that possibility.

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