Failing Up

Here’s a link to a Palin speech.  I only got through about 10 minutes of it.  It’s really bad.  I’ve got to say that, given what she earns for these speeches, she could at least invest in a coach.

And like mother, like daughter, the oldest daughter is now demanding $15-30K to talk about abstinence.

As a contrast, I’m watching Frontline right now and it’s just sad.  Very sad.  To think that Palin and her daughter are pulling in that kind of jack, and for what?

Sometimes I wonder how the entire Bush family sleeps at night.  But then I remember, they are just like the Palins.  They don’t care about anyone but themselves.


2 responses to “Failing Up

  1. I’m wondering if the lecture (using that term extremely loosely) fees are paid for in the same ways that books by wingnut authors are sold. Namely bought in blocks so that they make it on a bestseller list or so that every seat is filled. Given how reluctant tea-party types are to part with a thin dime (charity or otherwise) one has to wonder. At any rate, gazing out over the audiences assembled for the Sarah & Bristol amateur hour one can only say: a fool and his/her money are soon parted.

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