It makes one wonder how any of the companies involved ever got a contract to drill in the first place.

Just think, if you were responsible for 11 dead people, or thousands of gallons of oil spilling onto the shores of any county.  Would you keep your job?

This is the one place that I fault Obama.  He should have known that the Cheney administration had idiots embedded.  No excuses for not getting them out.

But here we are.

Three weeks later and the damned thing is still spewing.

While I expected for my property to be classified as beachfront in my life time, I didn’t think we would wipe out the entire Gulf Coast with one mighty spill.


14 responses to “Dumbasses

  1. This is what corporate centrism leads to.

    The Feds, (Obama’s Feds) just approved pumping dispersants to the leak. This is outrageously irresponsible, will further posion the Gulf and probably fail its goal anyway – which is merely to HIDE BP’s horrendous crime.

    The oil must be REMOVED. No matter what incalculable quantity, no matter how long it takes, no matter what the expense.

    It’s not happening. And that’s on Obama.

    • I don’t know Bubba. The Gulf has pretty much been a toilet bowl (garbage can — pick your analogy) for as long as I have been alive — at least at the coastline. The ships that come through the ship channel dump their garbage and tar balls are a common feature. The mouth of the Mississippi is a dead zone from farm runoff. I don’t know that pouring a bunch of Dawn on the spill is as bad as the spill itself.

      They have got to plug that hole. Period. I don’t even know if it is possible to remove all of the oil that has spilled. Is it? Do you know if that’s possible? (That’s a real, sincere question — not sarcasm or anything.)

      The whole thing is infuriating. And don’t even get me started on how stupid and dangerous Sarah Palin has been on this. MY GOD she is STUPID.

      • And something I thought about today — what has died and/or is dying under that ten ton box BP couldn’t get to work.

        It’s all bad for marine life. Every last bit of it.

        I’ve said this for a long time and recently on this blog: if poor people in India can have solar panels, why not here?

        I know the answer to that.

  2. Damned at Random

    I’ve seen reports that there were BP execs on the rig at the time of the explosion. Today the Wall Street Journal is reporting on a sworn statement by a rig electronics tech that the on site BP and Transocean managers argued over shuting down the well.

    If I had to bet, my guess would be that the whole thing went forward as a dog-and-pony show for VIPs despite indications that the well was dangerous.

    • What to say. If you are right, and you probably are, this is just more evidence that all three companies should go out of business. Liquidate their assets. Use every penny to stop the spill and clean it up completely. Period.

  3. Damned at Random

    I was wrong – the electronics tech was interviewed on 60 Minutes last night (crooks and liars has it) and said the project was way over budget and behind schedule. The execs were probably there to lean on the site manager (I’ve only seen one mention of their presence and I don’t recall where- so that element may have just been a rumor.) Anyhow, the story is they were over budget by over 25 million and weeks behind schedule so they were cutting corners despite knowing there were problems with the blowout preventer.

    Now my question is that oil wasn’t going anywhere and BP is making billions in profits- so why press your luck? If they were another 2 weeks behind schedule THE OIL WOULD STILL BE THERE and the money lost would have been a minor blip on their spreadsheet. And the last fuckup was to start replacing the drilling mud with sea water before the last plug was in place to take the pressure- was that a few hours or even a day of saved time? There were dozens of lives at stake, not to mention the environmental risks.

    This is a shocking example of corporate math. Robert Reich wrote a column today saying he expects BP to try to get off with the $75 million limit on damages in the current US law. That makes the risky behavior worthwhile to BP- they’ll pay off the families of the 11 dead, their insurance will cover the rig, they’ll eat the 75 million liability and next time they’re 25 million over budget, they’ll take another calculated risk.

    Someone- someone powerful- should go to prison for this

    • There shouldn’t even be a limit to their liability. I know how they got it, but you are right, it just feeds into their math of profitability. BP got off light in the Texas City explosion as well.

      There needs to be a criminal investigation and prosecution. Without judging the outcome before it happens, perhaps finally we could come to a realization that these companies are risking more than their bottom line — they are risking the livelihood of others and the environment we all depend on.

      I am tired of the “defense” argument. We get on solar and wind and perhaps then more nuclear and just get off the oil/gas thing completely.

  4. Imagine the same corporate calculations and lies applied to Nuclear.


  5. http://tinyurl.com/2ebvfeh

    “…it looks as if the Coast Guard has been given direct orders to protect BP’s PR interests above safety concerns over air and water quality, above the outcries of local governments in need of aid, and (worst of all) above the need for the American public to be informed about what is really going on in the Gulf.

    The Coast Guard, as one of the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, answers to the commander in chief — President Obama. Despite Obama’s half-hearted attempt at displaying anger over the government’s “cozy relationship” with BP, I believe Obama is aiding and abetting a foreign oil company as it perpetrates an environmental crime on American soil, a crime which fortunately (thanks to Sen. Barbara Boxer) is now being taken to the Justice Department.”

    • You linked to someone who states that he agrees with Rush Limbaugh.

      You are assuming that one report is accurate. You are also suggesting that if the Coast Guard did what is alleged that Pres. Obama wanted or ordered that to happen.

      All of it is a stretch for me.

      But knock yourself out. Perhaps you will start agreeing with Michael Berry.

  6. The blogger insults limbo with the backhanded compliment – quite obviously. All of which is entirely beside the point – which is that BP is calling all the shots, and the Obama admin allows them to get away with it.

    The legitimacy of the cbs videotape is not contested, not even by the USCG, which has issued a lame statement basically saying that BP does not set the rules. Reality begs to differ.

    The buck stops with the potus, i don’t care what his name or party affiliation are.

    More headlines roll in today about BP’s criminal behaviour and Obama’s failure to confront or respond in any meaningful way.

    • So it doesn’t matter if someone in the Coast Guard made a mistake or buddied up with the BP people, it’s just the same as the prez doing it himself. I’ve read the headlines since this started and I come away with a very different take than you. It’s a huge fuck up and from what the guy on 60 Minutes said — it was BP’s fuck up. And they have been lying. What good would it do to just call them liars? The feds need BP’s cooperation to get this taken care of.

      What would be the way to confront or respond to this? What would you do if you were in charge? Seriously, you talk as if the entire federal government has just been sitting on its hands.

    • And the U.S. gov nor the potus has any expertize in this area. BP, and the other companies should. This is bigger than just throwing spitballs.

      Get a grip already.

    • And where were you when this whole shit started?

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