Who will worry about white on white crime?

With white people so worried about black on black crime, I wonder who will finally address the bigger problem: white on white crime.

While Michael Berry thinks it’s just fine to bring up black on black crime and lament it by giving examples like Jason’s Lyric and Boyz n the Hood, I worry that whites are not concerned enough about white on white crime.  It seems to be pandemic.

As a case in point, look at the series of books and movies about The God Father.  And then there is the brutal portrayal of white on white crime in the movie Boondock Saints (and its sequel), and even Iron Man 2.  Does anyone remember Monster?  That was white woman on white man crime.  And what about The Untouchables or Bull Durham?

I’m with Michael Berry, let’s worry over black on black crime.  It makes for better radio and it ignores the problems in the white community.  Like the guy who has been molesting children for years in La Port.  Or the priests who have molested kids.  Or the cults that have murdered their own members. Or the cops who shot David West.

There’s every reason to point fingers at the black or Hispanic community.  They prey on their own.   And good white people need to remind them of that fact every once in a while.  Otherwise, they might think they mean something, they might be important.

However, while those perhaps well intentioned white folks point and preach, they don’t see what is coming.  Like good white people supporting the new crap laws in Arizona, and a majority of blacks don’t.  Why might that be?  Driving while black has been a problem for a long time.  When the tables turn, and they will, the bellyaching will  begin, as it ever was.

In the end, I ask that you consider white on white crime.  Please don’t let it slip from your priorities, otherwise we will all kill ourselves.  Or something.


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