How to get kids to eat their vegis

At least it worked today.  I picked enough green beans and peas for Mom’s day lunch today.  Even the littlest one of my nieces munched them up.

There is something to the home grown no pesticide, no herbicide, organic fertilizer taste.  The down side is that I won’t get many more peas — they are getting eaten up and the heat of last week has almost done them in.  I will probably turn that bed over to peppers in a week or so.

One squash looks to have finally taken hold.  I’ve had three or four shrivel on the vine.  The tomatoes in that same bed look good and we’ll see how letting them hold themselves up works.

The cucumbers had their first blooms this morning.  I could live on cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and cucumbers in vinegar, with a little squash casserole on the side for the entire summer.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Something to remember for next year or even later this fall — plant the peas early and plant as many beans as possible.  I count the success of the beans and the salad greens as a success for the garden project for the spring.  The peas are mostly a fail.  The squash, tomatoes, and cucumber are a wait and see.

I’ve learned so much.  I want to rip out the deck and pulverize the solid part of the driveway, just to have more room to make beds.  But first, I need to do all of the tings around the house and yard that cost no money.  And I need to plan my weekends better.


One response to “How to get kids to eat their vegis

  1. just a comment on the rotating header-photo … when does miracle pup Tam get to headline? … although I know she’s camera-shy …

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