Unfocused, Again

There is so much, and yet so little, going on.  The little is here.  Since I got the garage — soon to be patio — electrified and have been spending time out there, the aggressive cat I call UnPop has been fairly scarce.    I feel recriminations — had I done it sooner, perhaps Braveheart would still be around.  I miss him.  Harry and Junebug and Big Guy seem happy and settled more than previously.  Today I came home to Big Guy sleeping on the side door steps.  He rarely does that.

The pups have been great tonight.  Murphy played in the water while I cleaned his pool and watered the yard.  His taunters — neighbor and the little girl on he bicycle who runs right up to the fence and yells at him and my other pups — enjoyed his joy as he tried to eat the water.  I doubt it will stop either of them from taunting him tomorrow.

I watched a video today — I won’t embed it — that made me think about why I have my pups.  Dora was by choice.  I chose he off Petfinders, poor little leg and all, not realizing how completely damaged she was and is.  I can’t tell you how many times she has bitten me.  I have a scar on the bridge of my nose from her taking a chunk of skin out on me just because I wanted to hug her while I was sleeping.  She tore up both of my arms while trying to kill Tam.  But at the same time, she protected us from a possum and more importantly, she alerted me to the fire in the neighbor’s backyard.  Tammy didn’t (or couldn’t) even do that.

Speaking of Tam — she was the one I really saved — Murphy, I saved too, but Tammy was in bad shape and an adult dog.  Murph only remembers living here.  Hell, the first day of his life was when he met Tammy.  You should have seen him when I brought Tammy back from her vet visit last Saturday.

I have no doubt that all three of my dogs would die for me, if someone broke into the house — be it police or some other type.  And yeah, the pot thing touches me.  Wouldn’t it just send the Teabaggers and Republicans into a tizzy if the first Black President asked his Justice Department to back off of the weed?

And speaking of Teabaggers, they are just 2% of the population now and trust me, that will dwindle.  You can have rallys and scream about taxes, but that is so 2009.  Sensible people know that they paid less in taxes this year than last.  A percentage of those people understand that Obama wasn’t president for the year they paid last year, but he was for what they paid this year.  Only stupid people think they paid more because of anything President Obama did.

And today, I had to listen to some anonymous Greeks bitch about Obama.  Same question as I have for the Teabaggers:  where have you been?  Don’t you know anything about Goldman Sachs?

With Goldman Sachs and BP — all I can say is let them waste away.  The vast majority of businesses fail.   They should fail as well.  Neither of them deserve to survive what they have done to the Greeks or the Gulf Coast.   Even their feeble attempts are nothing compared to what they have made — for what?

Bring on cap and trade and immigration reform.  We are ready.


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