White Man Whine: “He was a professional colored person”

So that”s where it comes from.

I was watching American Experience tonight on PBS.  It was about MLK, Jr.’s assassination.

After his assassination, there were short clips of different people’s reactions.  One white man said, “He was a professional colored person.”

It’s something Michael Berry has said — in so many words — on his radio show.

I grew up in Texas.  Most of my family made the transition from southern democrat to Reagan republican.  They all heard the dog whistle and obeyed.  I’ve always heard it, and have been able to identify it since I was in high school.

But that quote is no dog whistle — it is a belief.  I had never come across it before I heard it on Michael Berry’s show.  Perhaps he was just the first to state it outright.  I had no idea until tonight that it was such a common theme — passed down father to son.

It’s an insult of course, and has no equivalence in the white man community.

Oh, wait . . .

Newt Gingrich

Grover Norquist

The Arizona law backers

John Birch Society


No, there are no professional white men.  None at all.


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