I can’t even remember the last time I posted on here.  I’ve been distracted by other goings-on.

I got the electricity fixed in the garage and now there is light in the backyard at night again, after years of neglect.

The garage/soon-to-be-patio is clean and organized.  I started peeling off some of the exterior walls.  They are like cardboard.  Oh why didn’t I do this years ago when I was much younger?!!?1/?!?!?!

I’ve killed fire ants, transplanted bell peppers and parsley and oregano, planted more sunflowers, fertilized the moonplants and cooked the first green beans from the second bed.  (I’ve had salad from the first bed several times.)

Now that classes have begun, my schedule will be more predictable and I will post more — I think.

Pictures to come.  I promise.


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