Today and Tomorrow

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto.  There are some who want to stir up shit on this day, but truth be told, it’s nonsense.  I’ve only ever run into one person from Mexico who was pissy about demographics.  And I work with more people from Mexico than the average person.  So that means I KNOW.  Take that.

I was off today.  While listening to lies all day, I cleaned the backyard and “dressed” my hanging tomato plants.  I also found spots for my remaining cucumber and sunflower plants.

I thought about what it means to be a Texan.  I was born here and have lived here all but a year and a half of my life.  When I was a little girl, my family went to the San Jacinto Monument for picnics and to remember.  While the rest of my family is totally wing nutty, I’m not.  I love my city and my state.  While I was overseas, I always said I was from Texas.  It just where you are from.  It’s what pissed (and still does) off so many people from here to have George W. Bush claim to be a native son.  He wasn’t.  It still pisses me off that Barbara Bush lives here and can say nasty things that reflect poorly on us.  It pisses me off the Perry is still the governor.

(Let’s just see if Michael Berry really reads this:  Michael, how does it feel to say the N word on the air?)

Tomorrow is Earth Day.  As I said earlier, I will plant some seedlings.  I hope to also get the peppers and carrots into new planters — not sure if that will happen.  I need to plant the oregano and parsley. . .in other words, every day is Earth Day around here.

And while I’m at it, no one has ever died working on a solar panel — nor have any birds or other animals.  What was that CRAZY Carter guy onto when he put solar panels on the White House.  Have you ever wondered why you can’t afford to get solar panels on your house?  Especially ones that send energy back to the company you pay a ridiculous amount of money to for energy?  Could Chris Baker or Michael Berry address that for once?

The answer is no.  It wouldn’t make for good radio.  Good radio is sound effects, fart noises, silly parody songs and banging on BLACK PEOPLE especially the President.  That’s what makes good radio.

Oh, and how many times a white guy can say nigger on the radio.  That’s the most important part of good radio.


3 responses to “Today and Tomorrow

  1. When I was growing up I tried hard to reflect those virtues that I’d learned were native and natural to Texans: honesty, friendliness, and modesty. I see none of those virtues in a lot of the ‘professional’ Texans that the GOP regularly trots out. The fake machismo, the arrogance, the excess: these are pure Hollywood (or carpetbagging Connecticutters who fell in love with Texas because it doesn’t have a state income tax.

    • You and me both. It one more casualty of W getting to be president. Good god I had no idea at the time how that 2000 SCOTUS decision would have such effects on everything even what being a Texan is.

      I looked for it today, but I couldn’t find it — some blogger on the Houston Chronicle found 5 reasons why no one could dislike Barbara Bush. I refrained from commenting when I saw it yesterday. But my gravy, nothing she has done with literacy makes up for what she said to those poor little black kids in the Dome or how her donations to schools following Katrina were ONLY so they could buy her son’s software.

      Mighty white of Bar.

  2. Oh my gravy, indeed!

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