“We Lost Thirty Years”

I’m watching The American Experience tonight.

It makes me sad.

They just showed Regan taking the solar panels off the White House.

Today, women are being trained to work on and build solar panels in poor parts of India, and that same technology is out of reach for average people here in the U.S.  It’s easier for a person in India to get solar power than it is for me.   Why is that?  That’s rhetorical.  I know why.

We lost thirty years of people caring about turning off the lights and being economical with energy.  Today, the electricians and others where I work don’t care that there are lights that won’t turn off.  They are on 24/7/365.

I still hope to get solar panels on my roof.  I recycle and would even without the rewards.

The environment is not an abstraction.

2 responses to ““We Lost Thirty Years”

  1. Like a certain presidential candidate said some years back: for a lot of folks the Reagan golden age was 8 long years of moral darkness. I remember getting yelled at once when I worked for an oil company because someone had come in on a Monday and discovered that the light had been turned off in the men’s restroom ALL weekend. No one had been in that weekend and I had flicked the switch off Friday at quitting time. It was the principle of the thing, and I mean that was what the person yelling at me was going on about. I couldn’t possibly believe that turning the a/c to somewhere above absolute freezing, or turning off lights in empty rooms was making a difference, could I? For a lot of us ‘morning in America’ was code for ‘stick yer head in the sand’.

    • Remember apartheid? Remember nukes? That’s where Obama is sourced. People like me find him very attractive for those reasons alone.

      Mitchell made some progress from what I can tell.

      Do you remember anything Reagan or W or Poppy did for Middle East Peace?

      I thought not.

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