This is odd

After all of the hype for the tea party people today, memeorandum has passed them by.  It can’t be late because that site always lags just a bit on what is going on.

Since I have a real job that requires me to actually work (unlike Michael Berry or Chris Baker or Rush Limbaugh, who get to fly by the seat of their pants), I couldn’t follow the tea party people so much.  From what I saw on teevee today, they don’t quite know what to do.  Seriously, they are still doing the same thing they were a year ago:  rallies with Republican politicians — don’t even get me started on that Riddle woman — and signs and tee shirts.

And what?

Health Care Reform Passed.

Financial Reform Will Pass.

And finally, Immigration Reform Will Pass.

Here in the supposedly red area of Texas, the Tea Party People couldn’t get their guy elected to the REPUBLICAN PARTY CHAIR.  You’d think they could make their money spent on advocating work in this red state, right?


2 responses to “This is odd

  1. They do appear to be a little lost … The NewsHour has uncovered a whole nest of them in Tampa (wow … tampa …) and they’ve got their minds all made up and they’re mad as hell and they’re unfocused on exactly what they’re mad as hell about but it probably has something to do with being afraid that somewhere someone is using money that should be theirs and they’re not about to let facts or reality change what’s going on in their little cabbage heads … the creepiest/funniest/saddest thing is that they put on such a good front of being surprised whenever the little matter of racism comes up (even though they howl their heads off in support of Grover Norquist and put on racist masks and thrust their illiterate slogans in the air from the lazy safety of their lawn chairs) …. someone on NPR mentioned that they will probably get a footnote in the history books but not at this rate!

  2. I heard this morning that the attendance claim at one of the rallies in the Harris County area was 11K.

    That’s fewer than those that voted.

    While talk radio is trying to keep the Tea Party people in the news — it’s not working.

    Stick a fork in them — they are done.

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