OMG My Tax Bill is HIGHER must be Obama’s fault

On Birther Radio (otherwise known as KPRC and managed by Michael Berry), I’ve heard people calling in on Joe Pag’s show especially, crying about their paycheck being less or their taxes going up.

Of course, tax rates haven’t gone up, unless you pay more for cigs so kids can have health insurance.  If you are getting less in your check, you need to talk to your employer.  S/He is either cheating you, or s/he is cheating you.  Everyone got more money in their paychecks a year ago.  If your income tax bill has gone up, perhaps you are like me and you don’t have as much to deduct this year.

Yeah, I could cry about the fact that I got my energy efficient windows when I couldn’t get a tax break for doing so, but I blame that on GWBush and the Republicans for not getting with the energy efficiency program.  Dicks.


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