Partly Sunny

That’s what the weather person was saying on the radio while it slowly drizzled this morning.

I tried to get off to an early start (before the rain), but my neighbor who works nights heard me and decided to come over and finish his after work beer at 7:30 this morning.

I worked at the dirt pile until it was raining too hard to keep going.  Around noon, the sun did come out and the real work began.

But for starters some pics from the day:

There’s plenty of water in their bowls, but Harry decides to drink some gutter water.  Whatever.

Big guy has a wound over his right eye.  I just hope he didn’t attack Braveheart.  There is no way for me to know what might have happened.  UnPop is still around and there was one fight under the house today.  I don’t know if Big Guy has Braveheart scared and up in the walls of the house or if he was just fighting off UnPop.

Junebug stayed with me the whole day.  Big guy and Harry were only around in the morning and afternoon around dinner time.  I don’t know.  I called Braveheart off and on all day.

Someone is almost too fat to get through the gate.

From this morning — the first!

Another by this afternoon.

Assholes — oh, I mean ants and their myrmidon aphids.  (Chris Baker likes to use that word so I couldn’t resist.  These pests will get some soapy water tomorrow, so that would make Baker happy, since he wants to go shoot people as they cross the border.)


These tomatoes will be topsy-turvy by tomorrow.  I got an official one for Xmas, but I learned that I can make one of my own for no money.  Or little money.  I will need to get some jute cord to macre a holder for the juice jug.  More tomorrow — maybe.



Actually, last week I accidentally dug into a fire ant mound.  I threw a shovel full of fire ants onto a dirt pile I was planning on screening for the beds.    Earlier in the week I worked on screening the pile and scared up the fire ants.  Today, I carefully worked around it, and when I hit the ants, I put out the bait and then blocked it off with chicken wire.  The ants killed the earthworms I had exposed before, and given how the kittens like to explore where I have been working in the yard and the number of ants in that pile, I decided to block it off completely.

Sweet Harry in the leaves.

The result of a lot of work.  This spot had been covered with leaves and old pecans and weeds.  I cleared it all out, dug down about 8 inches — through old cement from the pad of the shed that had been there — and clay.  I sorted out the cement, buried the leaf/trig/shell debris and mixed the clay with topsoil.  This is the spot where Roberto’s diamond shaped bed will go.  MAYBE tomorrow.

This is my leaf/weed mold project.  These bags will stay in this place for a year.  I’ll rotate them every once in a while.  Next year, it will only be leaves — because most of the weeds will be gone — or that is my hope.

It was a good day.  A nice, long day.


One response to “Partly Sunny

  1. Yowza! you did a ton of work!!! I thought about the garden when it started drizzling this morning … I was up early and went to the barber’s (for one of my 3-a-year haircuts) … tomorrow (Sunday) should be a good work day too … Harry on the roof! well, better than Harry in the front yard … really cool pix …

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