The Cruelest Insult of All

Sometimes it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Background here.

Michael Berry thought that the woman that the fire fighters have been attacking is black.  Just listen to the 6-7 p.m. segment on April 8, 2010.  Michael interviewed Union chief Jeff Caynon and was guns a-blazing to accuse the black woman of being the person he had heard rumors about.  She’s not.  Caynon told Berry the BLACK woman had no complaints against her.   Berry offered no apology.  He even started the segment stating that it was a BLACK woman who was the problem.

Being Michael Berry means never having to say you were wrong wrong wrong.

I even called him on it and let him rant on.  I didn’t give him the excuse to whine that he couldn’t get a word in edge wise on his own TALK radio show.  I was polite.   (He later emailed me that I was weak and whiny.)  Perhaps.  He changed the topic and ranted.  You can hear his voice rising clearly on the recording to shout me down and he ended up cutting me off.  PUSSY.

The indication I take that I got to Berry?  After my call — he nor any of his callers said anything about what I had said.  Berry knows when he’s beat, just like Baker does.  When you are wrong in talk radio, you cut the person off and take friendly callers.

It’s such a routine.


2 responses to “The Cruelest Insult of All

  1. Just listened to it! Interesting … I thought you sounded fine … and compared to the other conversations he had with callers before you, he lost some of his cool, spluttering and raising his voice … you were right on the mark every time he went off-topic and he clearly isn’t used to that (he perhaps scribbles on a pad as he goes along and you didn’t allow him to follow his scribbles through). You didn’t sound whiny to me at all, or angry. Also, after he cuts you off and goes to commercial and then comes back, he goes straight into another call, whereas usually he rambles on for a couple of minutes picking apart the previous caller. So, from my perspective, he got his ass argumentatively whupped and he knew it! Good job!

    • I know it was a little inside baseball, but anyone who has listened to Baker knows exactly what I was talking about. That’s how dishonest both of them are. They try to turn the tables by changing the topic. And they never do that unless they are losing an argument.

      I’m going to try to put together a post about the nuclear summit in D.C. Bibi has decided not to attend because there’s a rumor that Egypt and/or Turkey planned to demand that Israel declare their nuclear weapons and join the NPT. Bibi is another pussy.

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