Berry Honest Black Berry Something (I can’t remember) Black Michael Berry

Michael Berry was screaming about Fort Bend ISD firing teachers.  Surprised?  Not me; he’s always got an angle.  He claims that teachers are being fired in the district supposedly due to budget troubles, but that at the same time they are hiring foreigners to teach bilingual education.  (Remember, you can’t claim that Berry has a “problem” with foreigners, since three of the four people who live in his house weren’t born in the U.S.)

My take is that he was mad that no one from the school district was interested in coming on his little show.  What better way to get back at “them” than screaming on your little AM radio station and claiming it has some huge ass audience.  (Sorry Michael, more people listen to KUHF on the way home.)

But you know once he gets going he can’t help bitching about his three favorite African Americans.  What?  Do you really think Berry would take time to criticize a white person unless he is Bill White?  Bill got off the hook today because the blackity black black black people made him mad today.  (Demographics of Fort Bend County)

Sheila Jackson-Lee is the person he hates the most.  I think he has some delusion that his little radio station can make a difference in her election this fall.  Much like with the health care debate and the election in ’08, he’ll lose that argument, too.  First he tried to beat her in the primary, now he’s going to beat on her for the hour or two he broadcasts for a week during baseball season.

Next is Michael Steele.  He has got to go!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA.  Michael Steele, the man Michael Berry has been putting down lately played all of you Republicans.  You all are stuck with him.  I guess Michael Berry and the powers that be in the Republican party weren’t paying attention when Steele ran for Senator in Maryland, otherwise you would have known what you were getting.  Steele might as well actually be a stealth Democrat.

And Michael’s favorite target, just like all of his other daily programming and that of his other station and two others here in Houston, is President Obama.   I read a forum today that explains a lot to me about what is going on.  It was all about people feeling that they are at least better than someone else.  What to do if you can’t feel that you are better than someone?  That’s the class war thing that Republicans are always going on about, but you know they always balk at equality.  Berry was crying about how President Obama wouldn’t name a White Sox player that was his favorite and trying to identify some poker tell from the way he answered the question about it.

No big deal, right?


Berry then decided that because President Obama filled out his Census 2010 form (have you sent yours in?????) and checked African American, that he, President Obama, has decided that he’s retreating to his base.  What base might that be?  POOR BLACKS.  Yes.  President Obama is securing his re-election in 2012 by filling out his Census form and as a result proclaiming solidarity with less than about 12 or less percent of the population.

Sometime I will tell you about how Michael Berry got elected to in government job and how he whitewashes it now — especially when he talks about Bill White.  Part of his problem with Jackson-Lee is that he couldn’t get on camera as much as she can.  Simple jealousy.  I remember him convincing some pathetic report for local news to interview him about people standing on freeway overpasses with antiwar signs.   He just doesn’t have anything new different or important to say.  Jealousy is ugly.

And don’t even get me started on Berry’s sidekick Chris Baker.  Today, Baker claimed that the budget surplus Bush inherited was merely PROJECTED.  So where was Baker when Bush and the Republicans were passing the “everybody get $600 dollars because we have a surplus” bill?  I don’t know, but I can guarantee he was bitching about something.


2 responses to “Berry Honest Black Berry Something (I can’t remember) Black Michael Berry

  1. ha ha ha ha !!! good post!!

    I’m confused. Does MB think President Obama was somehow dissing his own mom by the way he filled in his census form? Is MB unfamiliar with the history of his own country?

    • I was on Berry’s show this evening. It was pretty funny. I’ll put a post up about it once his people post the audio, so I can link to it.

      And to answer your question, MB knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s pushing buttons.

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