Wishing Your Life Away

Sometimes it really hits me how my work schedule makes time go by very quickly.  Usually it’s when I run into a former student and ask him or her how she or he is doing.  So far, the whole garden thing has slowed down life at home for me — watching the plants grow and the lemon tree slowly bloom — and balances the fast pace of work.

For a while now, Lydon Johnson of KTNH has signed off his screeds in the morning with, “hurry up November.”  I understand that he is a sore loser from 2008, but wishing his life away doesn’t really seem to make much sense.

I feel the same way about the whole “winning the news cycle.”  Yesterday (and Michael Berry still had it up today) talk radio was all about what a congressman said at a hearing.  Only people who spend time chasing their own tails will remember it.  I doubt that Michael Gallagher will, since his touchstone for race issues is still O.J. Simpson.  It’s gone from memeorandum.

I’ve listened to talk radio for years.  However, things have changed.  There’s really no reason to check in on Limbaugh anymore.  He’s wishing his life away by buying into the last time someone talked about him.  He didn’t use to do that.  Hannity is still speaking in the same speech patterns he has for years and yearning for the next election.  Mike Gallagher is still an ass and tries to “win the morning” with his indiscriminate baiting.  Bill Bennett doesn’t even work a full week and the local station is using his air time to yammer on about something on some blog or World Net Daily or Human Events.  Local hosts are not much better.  Michael Berry has rewritten history wrt his political life in this city, and Chris Baker continues to lie about where he lives, while yearning to kill people at the border.  Lores “constant sniffles” Rizcalla is slowly meeting her co-workers, but she just keeps telling everyone that she’s Egyptian.  And don’t even get me started on Dan Patrick.  Today he called Karl Rove a “good man” and described W as having “grace.”

And the Woodlands Tea Party people will have Chris Baker mc their tax protest week after next.  Their taxes haven’t gone up.  If they paid attention during the last year, their taxes are probably down.

But don’t tell them.

For the first time in my life, I may be just about done with national talk radio.  Local radio, I’ll still keep tabs on them.  It’s pretty fun.

There is more to life than the news cycle.  The next national election is months away.

I’ve got a new book to read and more important things to focus on in the short term.  And the short and long term last longer than 24 hours — unless you are talking about pea spouts.


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