While I got back home last Saturday, I haven’t gotten around to doing anything about this blog until tonight.  I could make excuses, but mostly it’s all about work and the garden.

Boston was cool — or more exactly cold as shit.  It snowed — okay just flurries on Friday — Saturday was around 20 something degrees.  Don’t get me wrong — I love cold weather.

Here’s the pics:

First pic I took on Thursday.  Looking out from the south side of the convention center.

I liked these pretty trees around the convention center.

View from the Convention center out onto the subway station.

Last year, there was a beautiful blue bear looking into the building.  This is the only bear I could find in Boston.

View from my hotel on Friday morning.

Can you see the snow?  I thought not.

I’m tired and I have more pics, but I will get them all up when I finally get broadband — which should happen here soon.


One response to “Back

  1. I like this selection of pics (and am looking forward to the others) … the one taken on Friday morning where the warning light on top of the mini-skyscraper is reflected in the wet parking lot has a very bleak look to it … you can practically feel the damp chill … I’d have gone back inside and ordered a cup of tea and a pastry from room service!

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