Wednesday night (how’s that for original?)

Roberto here …

Harry & Big Guy were waiting on the back steps when I drove up. Big Guy yawned and stretched but Harry knew something wasn’t kosher and stretched his neck like a little ostrich trying to see over the steering wheel at who exactly I was. Definitely not ‘her’! But they were fine once I got out of the car and checked the mail and talked to them and acted like I belonged. Junie was inside and hopped out to join them for supper. Unpop showed up after a while and so did Braveheart and I snapped my fingers and sent Unpop packing. He returned and got into a tussle with Big Guy while puppies howled and carried on. That was about 3 hours ago and so everything’s been quiet since then. Rainy and wet and Tammy & Murph came in (the first time) soaking and I had fun drying them off (or they had fun getting me wet). Dora went out but didn’t want to stay long and is presently snoring on the loveseat (after many treats). Caroline has been sitting with me all night and Cisco just had a snack and is now sitting at my elbow pointing out my many errors in this post. So it’s been nice and boring on this first night of our big Camp Out! Thunder and showers around midnight but by then we should all be tucked in and sound asleep. Tonight I’ll hang with Dora and the kittens and see how that works out.


3 responses to “Wednesday night (how’s that for original?)

  1. What, no escape attempts?!?!?!?

    Everything here is ok — I’m about to make my way to the subway for the first time. It should be a pretty good day.

    Tell everyong I said Hello!


  2. What’s the weather like? Sending you good vibes for a productive workshop AND some fun if you are able!
    I’ll put up another post tonight (might not be till after rehearsal) … there was some excitement last night (around 4 a.m) but nothing TOO traumatic and between me & the pups everything worked out …

  3. The weather was great today — too bad I had to spend most of it inside. There were highs and lows — I’ll tell you about it later.

    You’ve piqued my curiousity, but I’m thinking the trouble had to do with certain OK’s yelling at each other under the house?

    I’ll check back in the morning.


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