I Think I’m Ready

I leave for Boston tomorrow.  My bag is mostly packed and I think my last-minute list is complete.  (Just writing this has reminded me of a couple of things.)

It doesn’t look like there will be a blizzard, just some rain and maybe a little snow.

I’m flying solo this time, so I’m not sure if I will be able to meet up with anyone to have lunch with.  I’ll try.  I do have an invitation to breakfast from a publisher, but since I don’t interact with our rep (the boss does) I don’t see that as promising — even though it’s due to my decisions that we’re using more of her company’s books next term.  It’s ok.

As long as my little laptop doesn’t go all funny, there should be some posts here while I am gone.  I’ll try to check in via the comments, though I should be pretty busy.

For the past week, I’ve felt like I wasn’t worthy of this largess from my employer — why should I get to go?  But I’m getting excited and determined about it now.  Everything is planned — except for which sessions I will attend — I’ll figure that out tomorrow evening.

The garden will be in good hands.  The peas are catching hold of the trellises, and the seedlings are coming up.  I gave two of the squash seedlings to a co-worker — I planted too many for the space I have.

I’m too distracted to go on.  Wish me luck and see you in the comments!


One response to “I Think I’m Ready

  1. Roberto!!!!!!

    I got here. YaY!

    BUT — could you call Mom and tell her that I’m here, but that I lost her calling card number and information in the wind at the airport while I was trying to give the cabbie the convention center information? It blew right away (winds are around 40 mph here — very rough landing earlier. Tell mom I’ll get a calling card here in the morning and give her a ring.

    I’m at the hotel — I’m going to go up and check out my room and then I will check back in here with you after 7:00 your time.

    I think I’ll try your work email, too, now that I think about it.


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