I remember arguing with my now dead father about health care — I had no insurance and my employer issued bouncing paychecks, but my dad always said I should have been grateful to have a job.

I can’t believe it.  But it is true.

Madam Speaker, hats off to you.

I can’t believe it.

This is what I voted for.

4 responses to “Finalmente

  1. This is a fabulous feeling to have! Watching David Axelrod on the Newshour I realized that it’s been years (years!) since I was really proud and happy and hopeful about something coming out of Congress … it’s been forever where the feeling has been that of hoping for a negative victory (not winning something but just trying to slow down the forces of darkness) … this time it’s a real triumph and however much the shortsighted rend their garments and shriek and wail and try to punish people for voting yes, the effects will begin to manifest themselves soon enough and they will be good …
    And yes, immigration should be next on the agenda and the yahoos who are saying ‘what about jobs? how does immigration have anything to do with the economy?’ should simply go back and see all the ‘economic’ arguments they were using to oppose a fair and just immigration policy …

    • I’ve got to say that immigration reform could potentially increase our enrollment at work, but that’s not why I support it. Too many families are torn apart and too much of the way immigration happens now is a result of arbitrary boundaries in a global economy.

      I know that some have security concerns, but so do the immigrants who come here. One does not trump the other.

  2. Damned at Random

    I have a very cconservative friend with a 20 year old son with health issues. She has been worried forever about how he could afford health care when he was no longer on her policy.

    Now she can stop worrying. (Though I still expect her to vote republican)

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