Day of the Peas

Out of the three first Burpee growing trays — only the peas have really made it so far.  Lesson learned, I think.  With the batch that I have in Burpee trays now, I will transfer them to little pots with organic potting soil  after a week or so.

Anyway, here are the pics from what I did yesterday, mostly:

You can see the two cedar stakes in the first bed here.  Before I put them in, I fertilized the bed with Micro-Grow.

I found some wire covered with plastic in the bag containing Robert’s dad’s things that were in the garage and pulled it taut through the holes I had drilled at the top of the stakes.

I pulled some nylon cord through two other holes I had to re-drill in the stakes, and then tied off each end to the ground stakes at each corner.  I tied some jute in a loop near the bottom of the cedar stakes.  You can see the little pea plants there.

I ran jute from the bottom to the top and tied it off.  Then I started planting the peas.  I left them in the Burpee tray too long.  They were a little floppy, but I planted them so that they could grab onto the jute.  (And yes, I used a plastic spoon and fork to plant them.)

After getting all of the seedlings planted, I put the plastic (made in Mexico — the cedar is from Cali) mesh up with some stakes I had already made.  I planted a few hopeful looking salad (mesclun) along the side, but I don’t think  it will make it.

The second bed went faster.  I also found some more nylon twine — thanks to R’s dad — in the garage to stake it.  I planted the rest of the peas and the beans I had planted in organic potting soil on the deck.

It’s amazing how much the roots grow before anything shows on the top.  I have some little pots free and some new sprouts that need them.  Perhaps I’ll transplant some tomorrow.  It depends on the weather and whether I change my mind.

Measure twice, cut once.  I didn’t here.

I don’t know if the radish will make it, but I planted it anyway.

Boys.   Harry had been there just before I got the camera.  Later UnPopular damn cat had cornered poor little Junebug amongst the empty pots.  I rescued her and vowed to spray that damn cat with vinegar — he can pick on Harry — Harry is quick, but Junebug is off limits.  I swore to Big Guy — we will run him off.  Period.

(Knock knock knock, twu twu twu, looks like a win on HCR.    After tonight and today, I have decided that I just need to take the jump and get some other way to connect to the intertubes.   One thing at a time — I’ll do it when I get back from Boston.)

Meanwhile, pups broke into my net in the front yard and pooped again in the bed for the pom.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I’ll get that back on track then.


2 responses to “Day of the Peas

  1. I need to take a look at the set-up cuz it looks impressive in the pix! I know it’s been cold and rainy but Sunday promises to be warm(er) and pretty sunny and the rest of the week looks decent so paws crossed for the new residents in the garden beds.

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