Plan for Tomorrow

While I have at least a couple of posts in my head, I can’t quite get beyond my plans for tomorrow.  Saturday is supposed to be rainy, so that’s the day I will clean house, grade papers and write blog posts.  For now, my mind is on just how much I can get done in the yard.

I did some research on bean and pea trellises.  I will do a mix of cedar pickets, jute and sticks.  First though, I’ve got to prepare the bed.  The stinky fertilizer goes in, and that will aerate the bed.  Then I’ll build the trellis.  The peas will go in one bed and the beans in the other.  The radish sprouts will go with the peas and onion and mesclun will go in the second (larger) bed.  To finish those beds off, I’ll cut and install some plastic fencing — just to deter the outside kittens from pooping or peeing in the bed.

Next, I will make space for another bed.  I’ve got enough cedar planks to make one, but no organic soil upgrade.  I think it will be ok because I will screen enough of the existing yard soil to fill the new bed and then mix in the organic fertilizer.  This bed will be for the squash seedlings.  If I’m still able to move around, I will plant the herbs in the beds with the lemon tree and the blackberries.

Since the new Burpee stuff I ordered hasn’t come in, I will just plant more in the little pots I have with the remaining organic potting soil I have.  At this point, I’m thinking peppers.  I didn’t buy any pepper seeds, but I saved some from jalapenos I bought.  It’s worth a try.

The tomatoes, sunflowers and moon plants won’t go outside for another week or more.  The tomatoes will go into both the contraption I got for Christmas and in pots in the backyard.  I want to put the flower in the front.

Speaking of which — I got a rain barrel today.  It’s something that I have wanted for a year.  It will catch it’s first rain on Saturday.  I think I may get one more.

Perhaps people like me write about doing this sort of thing a lot when we do it for the first time and then it just becomes a routine and not worth writing about anymore.  That’s what I get from poking around the interwebs.  It’s a little different for me, since I know it will take more than one year to get this together, and it is part of an ongoing upgrade to both the house and hopefully the well being of the pups and outside kittens.


3 responses to “Plan for Tomorrow

  1. This is a great (and ambitious!) plan … don’t work too hard (hopefully Junie will remind you of when it’s break-time) … it’ll be cool to see the rain barrel in action (‘action’ being, of course, a very relative thing) …

  2. off-topic … I just saw that G. Stephanopoulos is being replaced on the Sunday Morning thingee by Christiane Amanpour … won’t be the same (although she’s got to be better than Tapper-boy)

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