White Man Whine and Bad Math

You would think that in the 21st century, white men would stop whining, but no.

In his rant this evening, Michael Berry has decided that a sample of six works like a sample  of thousands.  Just listen to the beginning of the podcast for March 15, 2010 I linked to.

Michael Berry makes the argument of flag burning.  If one more flag is burned in a year where none were — it’s a 100% increase.  And so on.  There’s really no reason to argue representational democracy — Michael Berry thinks that because there was one woman Police Chief in his small sample that white men are disadvantaged.

I’m sorry white men.   I hear your whine.

It must be very difficult to be a white man at all.

A post I’ve been thinking about:  why are so many savants white?  Is there a reason they aren’t savants if they are not white?


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