Today in Gardening

I couldn’t resist.  We had to grill.

I woke up late (7:30) and then got off to a rough start.  I went to Lowe’s, thinking I could get everything there and skip Home Depot.  I needed Living Earth Mulch, 6 cedar fence pickets, and a file for my trowel.  I checked the file situation first.  Every file at Lowe’s was made in China.  (I should have noted the name, dammit.)  The cedar pickets were the same price.  The bin for Living Earth was empty.

I found an abandoned shopping cart and then was attracted by the beautiful blooms on the peach saplings, reading about them on their tags, when a forklift full of Living Earth bags came around the corner.  Sometimes distractions are good.  I snagged three bags and left.

At Home Depot, I caught a flat bed cart and headed for the tool section.  The files were made by Nicholson — in the USA. I bought an 8″.  It should work well for the trowel.   (I learned how to file a trowel in undergrad, while working on a dig in Brazoria County.  I dug out a septic tank — sort of.)

With my new file as the only thing on my flat bed cart — and with men looking at me like  was crazy right and left, I made my way to the cedar pickets I needed.  It’s still Christmas for me — using the gift card.

I got back home to find Roberto.  And we got to work!


One response to “Today in Gardening

  1. It was fun and productive (definitely a more leisurely pace than other times, but these old knees were glad about that!) … steak, cutlets, eggplant (no, please, call me aubergine), zucchini and pineapple were all great 2nd time around (and the salad was excellent as well!)

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