“Not guilty, because puppies do these things.”

Two things that come together:  Murphy dug up the Pom in the front yard and Roberto has been cataloging some cartoons.

The Culprit

I bought a Pom sapling.   Roberto and I made a bed for it.  We thought about fencing it off but didn’t.  I came home to find the sapling left with only one tiny branch, pulled up out of the ground 😦  I re-potted it, and thankfully it is still ok.

(Maybe this quick intervention will save the Pom from the lemon tree’s fate.)

Often I use my own life to teach my students.  It makes the content real for them.  I had used Murph having an accident as a way to teach past perfect.  So, now my students know Murph.  One morning last week, out of the blue, one of my students asked me, “what did Murphy do yesterday?”

As a matter of fact, Murphy had dug up the baby Pom tree.

Roberto has been cataloging the cartoons of Charles Barsotti, so he brought a couple home.  Barsotti has an entire series called “The Pup.”  The title of this post is from one; the other has a pup with a tear and his mom saying, “I can get another sofa pillow, that’s not what hurts.  What hurts is my loss of faith in you.”

With Murphy, I got another bed, another couch and chair.  But another POM?!?!?!?  No.  We are saving that Pom and yes, I have a plan to turf the yard, though it will restrict Murph’s running around like crazy.

Perhaps Roberto’s time will be spent walking the pups around in addition to gardening!

Just to record it here — next year, I want a peach tree.  Or maybe two.  Or maybe a peach and an apricot and maybe a plum.


2 responses to ““Not guilty, because puppies do these things.”

  1. Damned at Random

    Murphy is like my stepdaughter’s pug- just busy and enthusiastic and that gets him in trouble. Poor little guy. He looks sorry – for now

    • Tonight he got to play in the water. I had to keep spraying him just to water the seeds I planted. By the time I stopped, he was soaked and happy.

      I’ll replant the recovered pom next weekend.

      Never worry about Murph, though. He always springs back.

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