The Next Explanation for Why Gas Prices Have Gone Up

Why not?  The word is out that gas prices have already gone up and will go up further — without the usual reasons — except that they just do.  Wait — is Spring Break next week?  No, that can’t be it.  It must be because there is conflict in Nigeria.  Or a gas tanker truck wrecking in Houston.  That sounds about as plausable as any other reason.  However, the oil industry is quite honest on the local news — consumption is down — so the capitalists in them says, “raise the price!”  That’s fine by me.  If they push the price of fuel too high, people will buy more fuel efficient cars, take public transportation and buy less gas.  They can keep raising prices thinking that the public will just take it, but after 2008, I don’t think their plan will work much anymore.  It will affect the borderline poor the most, the people who need to drive a lot for work, but don’t make much.  It won’t affect Michael Berry or the other people who raked in the dough during the Republican primary.  (Do republican donors know — especially the small dollar ones, and even the TEA Party people — realize that they just made Michael Berry very wealthy these past few months?)

My solution to the higher gas prices is to drive less and chain errands.  (Except for yesterday — I had an excuse.)  When the METRO train has a stop a few yards from my house — which the latest media push has not stopped — despite Michael Berry’s best efforts —  I will take the train.  It will be like I’m back in Riga.


2 responses to “The Next Explanation for Why Gas Prices Have Gone Up

  1. If you don’t take the bus, which you don’t, then you won’t take the train, either. What makes you think you will ride public transportation just because it’s pretty? People don’t choose their car over public transportation because buses aren’t pretty.

    By the way, the working classes NEED buses, not you. The fact that bus service has been cut, significantly, to finance rail is almost criminal, or at least cruel. The 2003 referendum promised INCREASED bus service, but just the opposite has occurred. Fact.

    • Michael, nice of you to stop by. I don’t take the bus now because it is more economical for me to drive. Once the rail gets here, I will gladly take it to work every day. If you don’t understand the traffic differences between buses and trains, I don’t know what to tell you. And who said anything about pretty?

      Working people use the short little rail line we have now — and working people will use all of the others. And spare me the whining about bus service. You have never liked public transportation. Probably because it’s public. It’s about time that public transportation meant something like it does in other cities. I know you hate comparisons to other cities, but I don’t think you live in Houston anyway. Where are you Michael? Sugar Land? Pearland? I live in the city.

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