Michael Barry: Slutty Tease

I thought about going with “skanky tease” but then I thought, to myself, “angry or humorous?” and decided to go with slutty.

Yesterday morning Michael Berry challenged me and myself to stand proud for my “progressive” beliefs in the face of his moderate listenership because he was going to link to my blog and mention the fact that I made him laugh on the air.

What a huge disappointment I had!  I listened closely to every word he said and he didn’t mention this humble blog.  Not once!  He didn’t even link to it.  Roberto was ready.  I was ready and I know all of my readers were ready to hear Michael Berry call me out on the 50,000 watt think tank (oh wait, that’s another station).  We waited and waited, paws on keyboard and eyes glued to the screen.  The silence was deafening.  There was nothingness.  My big break was lost.

Imagine my mood this evening as I once again tuned into Michael Berry’s radio show.  I thought there would be some explanation.  Michael was tired.  He decided to have an open call Friday on a Thursday because he and his helper were so tired after working so hard for part of the week.

I think I can understand.  Michael Berry has to work two hours a day each week instead of three.  That can tax a person.  And handing off to octogenarian Milo Hamilton must be a great deal of work.  (I suspect that Michael Berry stayed too late at Wednesday Night “Prayer Meeting” to get his shit together today because he went right back to the same topic he was whining about yesterday after making excuses for not being prepared today.  I’m a teacher; I can smell that bullshit from a mile off.)

There is light at the end of the tunnel!  This is baseball season.  Both Michael Berry and his sidekick Lores (stuffy nose on the air sniff snort) Rizkalla will be more off the air than until October.  I have already heard callers on Michael Berry’s sister station complain about sports broadcasting driving listeners to other stations –KTNH is coming off the hockey season soon — and they will leave!!!!!  Will the same happen for Michael Berry’s stations?  Wingnuts need their radio fix.

Wingnuts are tedious, but hey, someone has to listen to this nonsense.

Oh, wait!  Michael Berry DID smack me down wrt taxes.  Cigarette taxes have gone up.  And mostly poor people smoke.  But shockingly enough, Michael Berry claims, smoking among the poor hasn’t gone down.  Could it be that those same people got a tax cut in April of 2009?  Hmmm?  Could it?

To reiterate my original point — Michael Berry’s taxes haven’t gone up — and they haven’t gone up for anyone he works or spends time with — unless he’s cheating his employees.  Will the “raise your taxes” and/or bitching about “your tax money” being used in a way that Michael Berry disapproves of continue on his stations?  You betcha.  (As will the attacks on Bill White and the cya wrt Gov. Perry — notwithstanding Chris Baker — he will fall in line soon enough — at least when he’s not pre-empted by SPORTS.)


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