Again, Your Taxes Have Not Been Raised

I haven’t done my taxes yet, but I’m sure I won’t pay more.

Even after Obama has been presidenting for a year, your taxes have not gone up.

And if you were smart enough to plan your home energy efficiency improvement, then you might get some money back.  Starve the beast and all that.

If you make more than $250K you are not reading my blog — unless you are Michael Berry.


10 responses to “Again, Your Taxes Have Not Been Raised

  1. Love that last line. Finally, you are using humor to make your point. You’re far more persuasive when you stop being so angry and use a little humor. This made my day.

    I’ll be reading it on the air tonight, and I’ll be linking to your blog, so my reasonable audience will be looking to you for guidance on how hopeless progressives think. Don’t disappoint.

  2. This should be interesting! Since Michelle is one of the few “reasonable” members of MB’s listening audience, blog traffic should be pretty light.

  3. what? no zombies? and I had all my best hopeless progressive comebacks lined up just like pats of butter in a catapult!!!

  4. hey! the music deal has been pushed a little back tonight so it may be too late to swing by (sooo, if i don’t see ya tonight i’ll give ya a buzz tomorrow & i should know when i’ll be by on the weekend for some more lessons in gardening!)

    • I bought some fertilizer today — really stinky and it disorientated me a bit . . . I also found the last soil test kit at Home Depot, ordered some more Burpee pellets and bought a kit that had yet more seeds in it, as I realized when I got home. I am awash in seeds, so we’ve got to get those beds built!

  5. build build build!!! we will gets it done!!!

    • Let’s take pix gallor and I will post them with commentary this time.

      I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

      Perhaps I should start commenting on raised garden sites?

      I’ve decided to have my morning coffee on the front porch with pups tomorrow morning. There I will make a plan for the day.

      April is early this year. Had I only known.

      All the work this year will pay off in the future.

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