Very tired — weekend edition

My toothache from Friday has relented, and now I am stiff and sore from working in the yard.  I’m old — which explains a lot.

Things are coming together for the most part.  I got two bags of City of Houston mulch.  I think I need a couple more.  Roberto and I got the the Pom tree planted in the front yard and Robert did some strong work to get the lemon tree in the back yard.  And I have figured out the exposed screw problem on the front bed.

I usually can tell from who is in the front yard when Roberto arrives.  This morning was different.  A mid-size dog with a collar had a tiny little Chihuahua in a mating grip and she was screeching.  I tried to scare him off and he dragged her down the street.  I walked the male back home and then we tracked down the little puppy girl.  We told a young girl what happened and warned her to tell her parents.

When I first started publishing pix on this blog, I tried to make everything look the best I could.  I know where I am in the economic spectrum, so no chopping anymore.

I worked on Saturday to get enough dirt for the lemon tree and made sure I bought all of the supplies we would need.   I also made sure we had lunch for Sunday.

Here are some pictures of what happened today.

6 responses to “Very tired — weekend edition

  1. Junie Junie Junie!!! she would be a ‘where’s Waldo’ kitty except she never bothers to hide!

    • I’m working on the pictures — more of them.

      Murphy dug up the pom sapling. I tried to save it — potted it again. I’ll put up a barrier and then try again in a month or so — to see if it will survive. My own fault (:

  2. oh noes … we can probably put up the black plastic wraparound?

  3. Do you think there would be room in the lemon triangle where it could nestle for a bit while it recovers? or is it already too big? poor little pom …

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